What is CBD Oil Made From and What is it Good For?

What is CBD Oil Made From?

Here’s What to Know Pertaining to Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)…
Because CBD is being talked about a lot let’s look at what is CBD oil made from, what CBD does to and for your body, and what the health benefits are for treatment of conditions that can cause discomfort.

Growing Interest in Making CBD Oil Available

In many English-speaking countries there is a surge of interest in cannabinoids…What are they, what do they do, why the interest, and what meaning can it have for you?’

In the US, CBD oil is legal (although unclear in 2 states)…. There are no growth and production standards, nor is a doctor needed to purchase.  The standard for legality is containing three-tenths of a percent of less of THC.

Growing all cannabinoids, including hemp – a major crop since colonial times – was illegal until 2016, after the War on Drugs of 1970!

If you want to avoid psychotropic effects of your medications, prescribed or not, you need to know what is CBD oil made from.

Products containing THC, the hallucinogen in marijuana, is illegal at the federal level, but has been made legal in several states. Most confine use to medicinal only, while 8 at this writing have made recreational use legal.

CBD oil is proven to relieve anxiety and other symptoms
CBD oil is proven to relieve anxiety and other symptoms

Pressure has been growing for legalization for use with progressive, chronic, incurable disease in the UK.

This Spring Canada legalized recreational marijuana, although at this writing roll-out is delayed while information and facts are being figured out.   Medical marijuana has been legal there for a long time, and neither CBD Oil nor hemp growing have been an issue at all.

Also this Spring, Zimbabwe passed laws to allow production of cannabis for scientific and medical use, seeking to claim some of the economic benefits from this modern day miracle cure.

South Africa is holding out, because of the belief it is a gateway drug for some other substances that are both stronger and addictive. They clearly are lagging in knowing what is CBD oil made from!

From Ignorance in Mid-1800’s to Growing Scientific Knowledge

The explosion of interest has given birth to a great deal of investigation in laboratories all over the world.

What once was, from long, long ago, understanding based on experience over the ages, is now gaining strong scientific proof.  From identifying CBD oil in the 1940’s to learning about THC in the 60’s, both major components of marijuana and  CBD in hempm  how much we know about cannabinoids continues to be growing.

Alongside that knowledge is debunking of old myths that all hemp and marijuana result in opiod addiction.

Best CBD oil to give anxiety relief
Best CBD oil to give anxiety relief

The simple truth is

Those old myths are not True By Any Means True

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that Cannabidiol (CBD) oil – the oil taken from cannabis – can help alleviate a variety of ailments. It’s shown to help with everything from epileptic seizures to opioid addiction , from PTSD to arthritis .

But despite CBD oil’s high profile status, there’s still lots of confusion in regards to what it really is, and its chemical properties.

What is CDB Oil Made From?

Certain types of CBD oil have already been legally available in many countries – like those made from hemp – whereas other types are very much illegal in many of those same places, like those made from marijuana.

Though you can purchase many types of cannabinoids in other countries.

Part of the problem with legalism is that terms like cannabis, marijuana and hemp in many cases are used interchangeably and incorrectly.  This  products in snake oils and tonics that were sold widely, without any standards.

Some was racial prejudice over immigrants who were non-European.  Some was the invention of nylon, with concern over economic competition.

Poison laws were passed…criminalization of drugs began in 1906.  Hemp crops were taxed heavily beginning in the 1930’s.  By the Nixonian War on Drugs in 1970, which added in anti-war protestors as a reason, all hemp production in the US was made illegal.

All this, even though THC was identified in 1964.  THC is the psychotropic chemical in Marijuana.  There is almost no THC in other hemp.

CBD Oil is present in both marijuana and hemp.  The concentrations of CBD oil in hemp are predominant.  Pure CBD oil is from hemp.

What is CBD Oil Useful For?

What is CBD oil made from...Relief of pain and anxiety from CBD oil
Relief of pain and anxiety from CBD oil

More and more scientific research is showing how effective CBD oil is for treatment of anxiety, sleep problems (who doesn’t have that in our later years?), joint pain, giving up smoking and so many more illnesses, symptoms and diseases.

Whether the presence of THC is helpful or just a memory-reducing psychotropic chemical is still being looked into.  The reduction of memories and dulling of pain seemingly helps with cancers, neuralgia, PTSD.  Scientific research is ongoing.

Certainly, THC is key to the recreational use of marijuana.

CBD Oil is proven to help in a multitude of ailments.  Having CBD Oil without THC provides several advantages:

  • No failed drug test for those who must take them
  • No opioids for children, pets or adults
  • No interference with recovery programs
  • Relief from ailments without narcotics!

What is Commercially-Available CBD Oil Made From?

Ah, here’s a big question.  Because there is no regulation, many CBD oils are adulterated with other oils, so the concentrations are miniscule.  Buying these will be a waste of your money.

It is important to source well.  Here is a company that grows and manufactures USA-based, 100% GMO, organic pure CBD oil that is 100% legal from USA hemp.


As the science grows and people realize that CBD oil can relieve their life-altering illnesses, the industry is growing.  The projections are growth of 40% a year!

It is incredible…

You’re not a farmer.  You’re not a manufacturer.  You don’t have a company with a big distribution network…is there a way for you to be a part of this???

The answer is a big YES!  Read about the Business Opportunity here.  If you have any gumption at all, you can ride this wave to your success.



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